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The Vacation Ends…

‘What might be my last long holiday ends in few more days’ said Pathfinder in his last post and kept me thinking for a while. ‘Oh yes few more hours left and what did I do?’. I wanted to answer… in one big sentence… and found out so many snapshots, animations, quotations (and imaginations of course) hovering all over my mind, trying to sum up the whole experience.

So.. I thought of writing a blog post.

Among the crazy trips, movies, talks and meet ups there were some significant events… highlights.  TEDx Colombo was cool. I had been watching TED talks via miro for a while and it was so nice to see TED fans of Colombo getting together, watching TED talks, sharing ideas and building connections. Though it was not a grand event like TED conference itself, I think it accomplished what it was meant to be.. A TEDx event in Colombo. And another good thing is I got to meet some bloggers including Dinidu, St.fallen, jester100 and indi. And the evening ended quite nicely, coffee with Suchetha, who also happened to be at the event.

Then came the 10-day short film workshop for children, where we volunteered and had a great time. Constance Tillotson from US with famous Sri Lankan filmmakers Anoma Rajakaruna and Kasinathar Gnanadas did the coaching. There were kids selected from all over the island, to learn film making in a fun-filled way. We helped out everyone with translations etc. and the kids made 8 lovely short films in the end. Evenings were spent playing cricket, rugby, handball and a mixture of everything near the Bolgoda Lake. The 10 days were full of little little incidents that fills up my memory. Young kids who were good in English helping their friends to overcome language barriers. I felt they were unknowingly repairing the bridges which were forgotten for generations. One night while having dinner, I remember, a little Tamil boy comes to my friend to ask what is the Sinhala translation of ‘Are you angry with me?’

It was a memorable experience for all the volunteers too who had passions varying in fields of Engineering, Music, Performing arts etc, not to mention the other-worldly discussions we had at free times, ranging from Osho, la vie en rose to web 2.0 ;-).

We came back to Colombo to involve in another range of events at the university which included the Annual programming competition, Award Ceremony and Indifferenz 2009. Here are some of the videos created for the events. With all these cool stuff happening, I missed out some (including this,that and the other) where I really wanted to be too. But hopefully, most of those have plans to be held next year too.

So this marks the end of a long, eventful vacation. (Most probably the longest I’ll get for few decades) New subjects have been released for enrollment for the new semester. Many (including Intelligent Systems, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Communications and Numerical Analysis) sound cool enough to keep us busy for the coming months, (meaning less of twitter, facebook and gReader). But as always, every second will lived, will tell us a story as they sing… “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.”