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Edit or shift subtitles easily with Gaupol

It’s the holiday you were waiting for after a few days hard work. You settle at the monitor, looking forward to a movie marathon… Few minutes into the movie and you realize that it’s not going to work.The accent of the actors and foreign language phrases… you can’t get a thing! So you go for the subtitles…
After trying many subtitle sources all over the web, you find every dialogue is either few seconds late or early than the subtitles! Trying to synchronize the lips and the voices make you feel dizzy… What a day it’s turning out to be…
Don’t panic. Here comes Gaupol – The free and open source subtitle editor. Built for GNOME using GTK, it supports a variety of subtitles including .txt, .sub, .srt and .ssa

To install use synaptic package manager or type the usual line in the terminal

sudo apt-get install gaupol

Then open your subtitle file in Gaupol to edit as you wish. [Tools] >> [Shift Positions] will let you shift it by the desired time interval to synchronize it with the movie. Save the modified file and it’s done!

Sit back and enjoy the movie.

EDIT: The link to project homepage updated.