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Must Watch Talks to catch up on Software Engineering Research

This is a post in progress. I will be using this to bookmark interesting talks, as I find them, on Software Engineering research which summarizes the work done in the past decade (roughly) and therefore will be useful for new students like me. If you come across any talks which match those criteria, please suggest them in a comment below.

What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It’s True

by Greg Wilson

This talk was done in 2010. So kind of old, but still relevant. You can find more notes on this here.

What makes useful research in Software Engineering?

by Andreas Zeller

The 3 questions: Was it hard? Is it elegant? And is it useful?

Engineering Complex Software Systems: Challenges, Solutions, and Outlook

This is bit long and consists of 4 parts.

Software Engineering’s Greatest Hits

by Greg Wilson

An update to the talk in 2010