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For ‘The Gamer’ In You…

Its the third largest sector in the global entertainment industry (Yes movies and music come on top)…and has a massive double digit growth beating other giants in the industry, recording a revenue of $41 billion for 2008.  A multi-discipline realm of professionals including biologists, physicians, artists, musicians and programmers, 25000+ people all over the world, making other people’s imaginations a reality. Yes it is The Interactive Entertainment Industry or most popularly known as Video Gaming.

Sri Lanka has a youth gaming community sizing over 10000 specially in cities like Colombo, Kandy and Kurunegala as hardcore gamers and thousands more all over the island as fans and followers of PC, mobile and console gaming. Annually they get to meet each other and compete to the heart’s content at events like “Srilankan Cyber Games”. But until now Sri Lanka never had a gaming magazine. Print or electronic media never considered it as a serious form of entertainment. The popularity of gaming among kids, youth and young-at-heart urged for a voice…. until now.

Bunch of friends got together to create the Sri Lanka’s first ever gaming magazine, The Gamer. And its the second of its kind in South Asia. With strategy guides, reviews, gaming events,competitions and new releases it will cater to the gaming community of Sri Lanka and beyond. The first issue was out in September and it was available in all leading book stores such as Vijitha Yapa, MD Gunasena, Sarasavi, etc. and in popular gaming cafes and DVD stores as well. And if you are lucky enough, you will still be able to grab your self a copy left. This inaugural issue of ‘The Gamer’ features newly released NFS: Shift and many more hot titles including Majesty 2, Colin McRae Rally: Dirt 2, Resident Evil 5. A special strategy guide on FIFA 09, Reviews on The Sims 3, World of Goo etc is also included. Since The Gamer’s intention is to bring forth & expose the gaming community to the general public as well to increase the awareness of the Sri Lankan enthusiasts regarding the latest developments in the international gaming arena, this issue covers the news on World Cyber Games – Sri Lankan Preliminaries too.

Ahhh… and I almost forgot to mention I write about FOSS (and specially Linux) games for ‘The Gamer’. 😉

These days we are getting ready to publish the second issue of ‘The Gamer’ – the follow-up to a great success seeing almost all 1500 copies sold. If you like to contribute to the magazine’s future issues with articles please drop a mail to
If you wish to contribute in any other way or to find out more about advertising opportunities in ‘The Gamer’ contact

You can follow ‘The Gamer’ on twitter at or be a fan on facebook at

The Gamer - September 2009 - Cover PageContents


Idiot’s two step guide for a cleaner facebook It’s coming to a crazy peak these days! How will this guy marry? How will that gal die? What Spongebob character are you? What flavor of pie are your neighbor? Do we care? It seems.. Yes. When I saw the clean, organized, pretty fb interface getting cluttered by hundreds of these crap – quizzes day by day, I sometimes wondered what’s wrong with these people. Facebook was turning into another hi5,tagged or mySpace for me.Then came…. the greasemonkey to the rescue.

  1. In Firefox  install the Greasemonkey add-on. Then you will see a small monkey face at the right bottom corner of your browser window.Unlike other firefox addons which does one particular thing, Greasemonkey extension lets you add so called ‘user scripts’ which can change behavior of a web page. In the next step we are going to try one such user script.fb2
  2. Click here to Install the Facebook Purity GreaseMonkey script. Go to facebook home and notice the difference. The script puts a little message in the top right hand corner of your page saying how many apps were blocked.

Gone are the days, that we kept blocking them and they were born next day with a different name again, again and again like a monster in a movie of the twentieth century. I have my neat facebook home page back again.


You can experiment with more and more GreaseMonkey Scripts to make your surfing easier, cleaner and effective. My favourite is IMDB pirated version. But try to avoid scripts which are not from

If you are someone who is madly in love with these quizzes, I’m really sorry for killing off your enjoyment (and ultimate source of future predictions) ;-). I never thought this will make it to a new blog post, but the sad status messages, and angry blog posts like this and this,all over the web, made me do this.

If you are using Chrome instead of Firefox, try GreaseMetal

The clean facebook

Image Credit: Joshua Porter

Race for the primes

මට හිතෙන හැටියට modern technology is all about utilizing every bit of power to go for something better and it is sometimes disturbing to think about unused processor power of millions of computers, running all over the world at a given moment.

How about using the processor of our PC to find the biggest Mersenne prime and win some cash? Recently i got to find about the GIMPS project which, enables the users to run a small software in the background, while the PC is switched on, and it is calculating all the time for a Mersenne prime number.

By the way..what is a Mersenne prime?..and in Wikipedia..

a Mersenne number

is a positive integer that is one less than a power of two:


Some definitions of Mersenne numbers require that the expon

ent n be prime.

A Mersenne prime is a Mersenne number that is prime.

Recently, On August 23rd, a UCLA computer discovered the 45th known Mersenne prime, 243,112,609-1, a mammoth 12,978,189 digit number!

And, On September 6th, the 46th known Mersenne prime, 237,156,667-1, a 11,185,272 digit number was found by Hans-Michael Elvenich in Langenfeld near Cologne, Germany!

Although I’m yet to find the 47th one I can say that The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search is a nice thing to try since it does not interfere with your system’s performance or network traffic.

But…the site gives the WARNING: Running the program continuously will use about 40 watts of additional power – your electric bill will go up.