Travel Diaries – Örebro, Sweden

I visited Örebro, Sweden in February 2012. Sweden, the home of IKEA, Electrolux, Volvo and Sony Ericsson, is a very beautiful country. Everybody understands English here. But you will be very comfortable making new friends, reading signs, finding your way if you know a bit of Swedish. We had a 3 hour train ride from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Örebro. The highlight of the city is the ancient castle at the centre and the magnificent Scandinavian architecture. We stayed at the nice hotel, Scandic Grand which is very close to the Örebro Castle and Hjalmar Bergman Theater. I also got to taste very sweet Tjillevippen, or Killevippen. As discussed here the word “Tjillevippen” comes form Astrid Lindgren‘s story about Nils Karlsson Pyssling. “Tjillevippen” is what the boy Bertil says to become as tiny as his little fellow friend Nils. It’s meringue with vanilla cream inside and chocolate butter cream on the outside, dusted with powdered sugar and sometimes served with shaved chocolate.

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