How Sri Lankan Tweeps are connected in Facebook

I couldn’t resist the urge to create a visualization while playing with gephi for my GSoC project over the weekend. The Netvizz Facebook application was used to get the data extracted from the Tweeps group, a hangout spot for Sri Lankan Twitter users. Imported the gdf file to gephi and did the coloring based on the clusters. Did slight modifications to the Radial Axis layout for legibility of labels. Gimp was used to add the final touches. Node sizes are proportional to the degree of each node (the number of people each person is connected to, within the network). Colors represent the sub networks identified within the social network by the Modularity clustering tool. Click on the image for a larger version.

Download Sizes: Medium [1845×841] Large [3690×1682]


7 thoughts on “How Sri Lankan Tweeps are connected in Facebook”

  1. Nice work!

    The layout is interesting – could you explain why you choose this particular form? (the line of green nodes on one side, etc.)



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