TV shows+Torrents+RSS feeds = Hassle free entertainment

Except the daily dose of surfing, social networking, (micro) blogging (& of course coding) reasons there is one other special factor which keep our eyes glued to the monitor screens.. It is ‘TV shows’. These varies from Heroes, Lost, House MD, Prison Break, Greys Anatomy, My name is Earl, The big bang theory to all the other weird (but less suspicious names) 😀 on the planet. For many of us downloading the favourite TV show is part of the weekly routine.

And  as the technology gets smarter & we are getting lazier, people find easier ways of automating even these simple tasks, like searching for TV show torrents in the internet. As always RSS feeds come to the rescue. Every major BitTorrent client (uTorrent, Azureus, kTorrent) has the RSS feed scanner plugin which automates the task of searching & downloading these TV show torrents.

So where can I find feeds of my favourite TV show?

There are many sites (tvRSS , RSSTorrents, FeedMyTorrents ,TorrentBox for example) where we can browse through all the recent TV shows & find the rss feeds of the ones we like. After that, simply add that feed URL to your torrent client’s RSS feed scanner which will display a recent set of episodes. And the list will be updated as soon as a new episode is on the internet. You can then choose to download, filter, skip episodes that are available.

I prefer FeedMyTorrents site because it has a wide range of tv shows & do not include duplicate episodes in their feeds. Give it a try & you’ll enjoy the benefit of saving time & hassle finding the TV torrents every week. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “TV shows+Torrents+RSS feeds = Hassle free entertainment”

  1. Hi Keheliya,

    I hope this post will bring a smile to faces of all the TV series lovers who are bothering weekly to download the episodes of their “can’t live without” TV series. Thanks for passing the information.

  2. Absolutely vikum. Although i’m not a big follower of TV shows, i thnk this will be of great help. Thnx Keheliya for the info. Now i need to check whether this site has some old TV shows that i’ve been searching 4 ages!!!

  3. I really liked your blog post, I certainly think its essential to keep one self upto date with as much of information as possible, Thanks keep this blog updated, I am coming back for more.

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